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We are happy to announce the start of the Parent-Infant Community at our school!
This is the Montessori program for babies from 2 months till 1,5 years. We welcome your child together with the supervising adult (parents, grannies, nannies) join our Community and take part in the classes specially prepared for this age group. The classes take place two times per week from Monday till Friday.  Every group will host up to 6 families attending the class under the guidance of AMI teacher. 
Welcome for the first free of charge visit. You’ll have an opportunity to meet your teacher as well as you will see the cosy environment prepared for babies and get first understanding how the classes will be going on.
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About the School

Welcome to MMS, Molodezhnaya Montessori School!

Molodezhnaya Montessori School is the place where children love to learn!

In the Montessori school each child has the right to develop at his/her own pace, suitable for age goals and interests. 

Valued as individuals, children have here full set of opportunities to reach success step by step and easily discover the world around.

Our key goal is to lay the basis of a harmonious personality, who is able to take decisions, eager to be free, disciplined and ready to change the world for the best.

We believe every child to possess desire to learn, discover the world around and actively participate in social life.

The goal of teachers and every member of the school team is to support this desire and create conditions that may lead children to self-development and self-education.

Our school was launched in 2009. Nowadays, we offer education of high international standards for Montessori schools all over the world.

We opened a small class with 12 children and expanded our programmes to three classes for children aged 0 to 6.

Our classes offer a specially organized environment, full of Montessori materials, created to support intellectual, emotional, social and psychological growth of the child.

We support the development of the Montessori Society in Russia and are among schools, recommended by the Montessori Fund, an official representative of the AMI, Association Montessori Internationale. 

Before children reach 6 years of age they possess unique ability to easily acquire languages. We are the part of the international Montessori community and see your child as a person open to different cultures. In our school we speak Russian, English and French languages.

Our school is situated in the western part of Moscow, close to Molodezhnaya metro station. It is situated at the territory of a modern residential area with playgrounds for outdoor activities. Spacious and light classrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and high-quality Montessori materials. The complex is under guard 24/7 and has pass system.


Our Team

Our School is the place for dedicated, highly professional teachers and administrative personnel. Each of the leading teachers possesses internationally recognized AMI diplomas that enable them to work with children of certain age. AMI, Association Montessori Internationale was established by Maria Montessori in 1929 and holds leading positions in educating Montessori experts all over the world.

Every member of our team holds a degree in Pedagogy or Psychology. Assistants also study to get education in Montessori method.

Desire to help children realize their potential, support families and cooperate with them, unity in following the principles of the Montessori philosophy characterize the school. It helps us to keep high standards of work and create conditions for every child’s growth.

Our team
  • Founder, Head of School

    Chashnikova Svetlana

  • Deputy Head of School

    Chudaikina Julia

  • Teacher, Toddler Community

    Bostanjyan Catarina

  • Assistant teacher, Toddler Community

    Tikhomirova Anastasia

  • Teacher, Casa dei Bambini

    Bouanani Sarah

  • Assistant teacher, Casa dei Bambini

    Alexander Anya Siobhan

  • Assistant teacher, Casa dei Bambini

    Morokova Irina

  • School Administrator

    Danilkina Victoria

  • Project manager

    Okhapkina Elena

Parent-Infant Class (from 2 to 14 months)

If your baby reached 2 months, we are happy to welcome him in our Parent-Infant class, accompanied by an adult. Baby’s stay in class is accompanied by a wisely-prepared environment, filled with materials that correspond age demands. We are mindful that work is aimed to support growing confidence of a child and his need in getting important stimuli for the development of movement skills and speech. Guided by a Montessori teacher, an adult and a child are involved into set of activities that correspond the aims of certain stage of baby’s development. We follow the child, respect unique features and offer the environment in which a child may learn and discover the world around him. An adult and a child come 1, 2 or 3 times a week and follow schedule, convenient for both. Each group counts up to 6 families, guided by AMI teacher.

Classes include information sessions that aim to help parents understand basic principles of the Montessori method. They as well include discussions on how to organize home environment and peculiarities of development at different stages. The Guide is always here to support parents in questions that may arise.

Parent-Infant Class is a place for children aged 2 to 16 months. When a child is 14 months old he is ready to meet Toddler class. It is where his full potential is uncovered and he is ready to confidently step into the world and meet other children.

Toddler Community (with 14 months to 3 years)

Toddler Class is aimed to help in development of children aged 14 months to 3 years. At this age children are in need of order, they possess huge desire to actively decide what to do themselves. Considering this, the classroom provides opportunities to work in safe and psychologically comfortable environment. Furniture and materials are chosen to suit best to act independently. The Guide is only there to help.

It is where you see children obsessed with any possible tasks. They learn to water plants, wash the dishes, polish wood and cook. Each of these tasks gives a child opportunities to improve and perfect the moves, learn to concentrate and develop confidence.

Children learn to interact. They listen to music, dance and create together. Special attention is paid to language development through active language enrichment.

By the time a child reaches 3 years, he is confident enough to take care of himself, to use toilet, to help others and take care of environment around.

Toddler Class is run by a qualified Montessori teacher and 2 assistants. That is a bilingual Russian-English class. Toddler Community counts 12 children. They come 5 times a week and, depending on age and emotional state, may wish to follow the basic programme, or a prolonged one.  

Casa dei Bambini (with 3 to 6 years)

Casa dei Bambini, or Children House, as Maria Montessori wrote, is a programme for children aged 3 to 6. It follows the previous step to succeed in confident development. In this class children are offered various activities that are aimed to support and stimulate confidence along with self-development and development of environment around.

Every morning children are involved to work in multi-aged community. Older children become guides. They act as leaders, share experience and knowledge, help others and develop confidence.

New comers observe older children, absorb behavior models and learn to be responsible.

Relationship in a community is based on mutual care and looks very much alike home environment.

Each child with his own plan of development follows his individual rhythm, free to choose the materials he is interested in, or a partner to work with, and can rely on adult's help anytime.

The Teacher won’t give knowledge. Children are to discover themselves. He is here to guide and help. Children are taught lessons and master their skills in various areas: exercises of practical life, sensorial presentations, Math lessons and language development lessons; they meet different cultures, music, art, have practice in grace and courtesy. As soon as they have been given the materials, they are eager to choose work they enjoy. They may practice taking care of themselves, or of the class they live in, work on spellings, or tales. One finds pleasure in working with others and adding big numbers, other prefer baking. Montessori materials that were professionally presented, with interest and passion, and may be chosen by each and anytime, build the basis for reading, writing, art skills, critical thinking and active participation in society. After three years in Casa dei Bambini children become balanced, have self-esteem, and become leaders for younger. They learn to critically think, study with pleasure, they know how to control emotions for community’s sake.

School Community

We cooperate with parents to provide best conditions for our children. It is essential to harmonize relationship and have balance between home and school. Relationship based on collaboration and support.

We offer Family Programmes. They aim to help parents to create and support home environment that echoes Montessori environment at school. Also, we offer consultations on home environment, informational seminars and Parent Meetings, practical master classes to give parents essential knowledge and support them in building relationship based on harmony. Celebration and special events, charity bazaars, whole-school picnic, Earth Day are some of our traditional events that help us preserve and develop friendly community of children, parents and teachers.



Moscow, m. Molodezhnaya, Elninskaya str., 15, build. 3.

Phone.: +7 916 287 45 87


Our school is situated in the western part of Moscow, close to Molodezhnaya metro station. It is situated at the territory of a modern residential area with playgrounds. Spacious and light classrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and high-quality Montessori materials. The complex is under guard 24/7 and has pass system.

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